Additional Community Connection Ideas

The world of COVID-19 is certainly challenging, so we're calling on creativity. We believe there are unique ways to create a Dig Pink experience with your volleyball team, even if a volleyball match is not involved.

By implementing a minimum of one or two elements from each of the Impact Playbook building blocks (Community Connection, Education, Athlete Engagement, and Fundraising) you can build an impactful experience. Remember to follow CDC Guidelines as well as local & state orders when planning your campaign.


There Are Many Ways to Connect With Your Community!


1. Offer to assist elderly residents in the community by offering to wash windows, cars, mow lawns, and other similar small tasks. Avoid asking to be paid, however, if the person wants to offer compensation let them know their donation can be made to the Side-Out Foundation/Dig Pink or to give them your fundraising page URL.

2. Make signs to take to place outside of hospitals/cancer centers or nursing homes with positive messages.  Other creative activities could be done outside the windows to cheer people up.

3. Put pink Flamingos in yards with a positive message for people to read

4. Put the match on YouTube, etc.  Many schools already do this

5. Flashmob (socially distanced) at halftime of a football game or after a game or any sports’ game.  

6. Dig Pink Parade - challenge each class to create an entry for the parade and have the community vote on the items after the parade with the items parked in the school lot.  Each ballot cast costs $5. 

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