Hold A Family Outdoor Game Day (Field Day)

The world of COVID-19 is certainly challenging, so we're calling on creativity. We believe there are unique ways to create a Dig Pink experience with your volleyball team, even if a volleyball match is not involved.

By implementing a minimum of one or two elements from each of the Impact Playbook building blocks (Community Connection, Education, Athlete Engagement, and Fundraising) you can build an impactful experience. Remember to follow CDC Guidelines as well as local & state orders when planning your campaign.



Everyone loves games, and outdoor games in groups tend to be the most fun! An outdoor game day is a great way to get your community or neighborhood together for some competitive fun! Adding a philanthropic component to an event like this makes for a perfect Dig Pink experience.


Game Ideas for the Event

  • Egg Toss (if you've never done an egg toss, it's a BLAST!)
  • Horseshoes Tournament (set up multiple pits to have a few games going at one time)
  • Cornhole Tournament (Super popular!)
  • Sack Races
  • Life-Size Connect Four
  • Tables for Board Games
  • Balloon Popping or Egg-and-spoon race


Fundraising Tips

  • Set up concession stands and donate the profits to your fundraising page
  • Set up a team store and sell t-shirts ahead of your Game Day
  • Charge admission to go towards donations


Education Tips

  • Hand out gift bags with information about stage IV breast cancer and The Side-Out Foundation's mission
  • If you set up a PA system for communication at the event, take a moment to gather everyone and speak about the importance of supporting the stage IV breast cancer community, the challenges they face, and how The Side-Out Foundation is working to extend lives of those with stage IV.


Athlete Engagement Tips

  • Assign different games to different student-athletes to research and organize for the event. Some can even take over organizing concessions, spreading awareness of the event, and getting things organized!
  • If one player really stands out as a leader of the event, encourage them to become a Side-Out Ambassador.


This is just a basic outline for you to follow and help get you started. Feel free to build upon it and make it even more of a special event!


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