Create Inspiring Chalk Murals Together

The world of COVID-19 is certainly challenging, so we're calling on creativity. We believe there are unique ways to create a Dig Pink experience with your volleyball team, even if a volleyball match is not involved.

By implementing a minimum of one or two elements from each of the Impact Playbook building blocks (Community Connection, Education, Athlete Engagement, and Fundraising) you can build an impactful experience. Remember to follow CDC Guidelines as well as local & state orders when planning your campaign.



Chalk murals are a fun and creative way to spread awareness and connect with your community, especially in a time of social distancing. Getting together outside, or creating your own mural in your driveway or street can bring positivity to the neighborhood!

Needs for Mural

  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Large open space of pavement
  • Yourself and some friends

Some great ideas for murals include positive or uplifting messages, pictures of unity, and ways that bring awareness to your Dig Pink experience!


Fundraising Tips

  • Write the link of your fundraising page within your mural and ask for support
  • Let neighbors know why you are creating your mural and ask for donations
  • Start a Dig Pink Team Store and wear your shirts while creating your mural


Education Tips

  • Write out facts about stage IV breast cancer in and around your mural
  • Share hashtags, such as #WeWontIgnoreStageIV so people can go learn more


Athlete Engagement Tips

  • Involve your entire program in creating your mural


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