Photo Scavenger Hunt

The world of COVID-19 is certainly challenging, so we're calling on creativity. We believe there are unique ways to create a Dig Pink experience with your volleyball team, even if a volleyball match is not involved.

By implementing a minimum of one or two elements from each of the Impact Playbook building blocks (Community Connection, Education, Athlete Engagement, and Fundraising) you can build an impactful experience. Remember to follow CDC Guidelines as well as local & state orders when planning your campaign.


Indoor Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Photo scavenger hunts have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years. There are many ways to these, with thousands of possible items to list on your "Scavenger Hunt Sheet", so we have provided a layout for you. You can use some traditional ideas and put a Dig Pink spin on them, such as wearing a Dig Pink shirt in all of your photo selfies! In addition, be sure to upload your Dig Pink Photo Scavenger Hunt pictures to social media and tag The Side-Out Foundation!

Needs for the Activity

  • Scavenger hunt item sheet
  • Balloons or Ribbons to place around the neighborhood
  • Everyone needs their phone to take photos
  • Prizes for winners/participants

Set up your item sheet and provide everyone with a copy. The goal of the activity is for everyone to find the items on the list around your town or neighborhood and take a selfie with it to prove you were there. The first ones to check off all of the items on the list wins! Get creative by putting pink balloons or ribbons at specific locations as a hint!

Here are some great ideas to add to your sheet:

  • Take a selfie w/ the Pink Ribbon tree (tie a pink ribbon around a tree in a well known area & provide a hint)
  • Take a selfie with a Red & White car in the background
  • Take a selfie with a statue or local monument
  • Take a selfie with something that smells good
  • Take a selfie with someone's dog
  • Take a selfie with something funny
  • Take a selfie with your reflection in an unexpected place
  • For more help on developing your list, click here!

Fundraising Tips

  • Get local businesses involved with your scavenger hunt and add them as locations in your list. Let them know it's part of a Dig Pink campaign, and ask if they would be willing to support your fundraising page
  • Find a creative way to collect donations along-side the photo scavenger hunt within your community, such as asking neighbors
  • If your team or community needs Dig Pink T-Shirts for the activity, set up a Dig Pink Team Store as a way of fundraising

Education Tips

  • Spread the word about your campaign, The Side-Out Foundation, and info about stage IV breast cancer with neighbors and local businesses that you talk to or meet while scavenging
  • Have every player learn about stage IV breast cancer online before joining the scavenger hunt

Athlete Engagement Tips

  • Have athletes share their photos online and tag The Side-Out Foundation with #DigPink and #ScavengerHunt
  • Have a few students or players from the team help with organizing the activity for the participants


This is just a basic outline for you to follow and help get you started. Feel free to build upon it and make it even more of a special night!


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