A Month of Random Kindness

This is a simple team project that can have a great impact! Kindness spreads, and the more that goes around, the better this world can be. Your team can be a spark for kindness throughout your community! Work with your team to develop a 30-day calendar around your Dig Pink campaign to do random acts of kindness each day or use the 30 ideas below to get your team started!

30 Days of Kindness

Day 1: Say hello to a stranger and ask how their day is going.

Day 2: Purchase groceries for the person in front of you in the express line.

Day 3: Participate in the cleanup of a local river, pond, or lake.

Day 4: Deliver homemade cookies to a friend or neighbor.

Day 5: Donate shoes, boots, and warm clothes to a homeless shelter.

Day 6: Spend a day saying only nice things about everyone.

Day 7: Put your phone away while in the company of others.

Day 8: Save your hair to donate to “Locks of Love.”

Day 9: Write an encouraging note to a friend or teammate who may be having a tough time.

Day 10: FREE DAY! Do something meaningful today.

Day 11: Invite your neighbors over for dinner.

Day 12: Buy five single flowers and hand them out to strangers.

Day 13: Make plans with that person you've been putting off.

Day 14: Take tea over to an elderly neighbor and enjoy a short chat.

Day 15: Connect with your best friend one way or another today.

Day 16: Find one way to be more involved in your community.

Day 17: Thank a teacher who made a positive impact on your life.

Day 18: Put together a self-care basket for a stressed-out friend or relative.

Day 19: Surprise someone with a thoughtful, inexpensive gift.

Day 20: Compliment three strangers today.

Day 21: Share your favorite uplifting song with your social media community

Day 22: Silence any negative thoughts, self-doubt or judgments today

Day 23: Babysit, dog sit, or cat sit for free.

Day 24: Hide a positive note for your parents in their bag or wallet for them to find during their workday.

Day 25: Lend a helping hand when you see someone struggling.

Day 26: FREE DAY! How can you show respect today?

Day 27: Have a yard sale and donate the profits to your favorite charity...the Side-Out Foundation of course =)

Day 28: Send a friend a book or playlist you think they would enjoy.

Day 29: Pay for someone's coffee or meal at a drive-thru.

Day 30: Write your sibling or cousin a list of things you love about them.


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