Let Student-Athletes Take Charge

Let the Students-Athletes Lead

The Dig Pink experience is all about the impact on student-athletes, your community, and stage IV breast cancer. In order for student-athletes to walk away with a meaningful experience, they need to be involved. Encourage student-athletes to take on the responsibility of organizing and delegating to others, and let them take charge.

While we think coaches and parents play an important role in helping Dig Pink get off the ground, don't be afraid to take a step back and allow the students to take over. They may just surprise you!

Get All of Your Athletes Involved

In addition to letting the students take charge, make sure that all are involved. While a few students may stand out as leaders, that doesn't mean others can't play a role. It's important to make sure that everyone is being delegated to and that all the student-athletes within the program (freshman - varsity) are a part of the experience. With everyone involved, your impact will be immense!


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