Educate Yourself and the Team About Stage IV Breast Cancer

Cancer is complex. There are 4 stages of cancer, and everyone's cancer is unique. When supporting The Side-Out Foundation, we believe that it's important that the students take some time to learn about cancer, the different stages, and the struggles that the stage IV breast cancer community faces on a daily basis, including lack of funding for research.

Many resources are available online for individuals to learn more, such as

Having even a basic knowledge of the disease will help when talking to those who have had or have cancer, as well as when educating others, and will better prepare student-athletes for becoming advocates of the stage IV breast cancer community.

Team Tip:

One great idea is to have the student-athletes go off and learn about breast cancer and stage IV breast cancer on their own, and then come together as a team to share & discuss what they learned and the importance of supporting those with stage IV.


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