How to Add an Activity

First, make sure you are logged into your Side-Out account here and view your active campaigns.


Next, click the “Pledge Drive Manager” link on the right-hand side.

Click the Add Activity Button and fill out the form based on how many of the activity (i.e. digs, kills, etc.) you completed.



Next, add the location of where this activity was completed. This could be a major tournament or one hosted by your club. You can select one from our system using the drop down or select other and type in your own!

Lastly, select the date you completed this activity. It’s best to add your activities on the same day you complete them so you don’t forget!

Three days after adding your activity, your supporters will receive an email prompting them to make their donations. They will be able to submit their funds via online or by mail.

Throughout your Dig-A-Thon campaign, you can have as many activities at as many different locations as you’d like! If you only have one, that’s okay too!

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