What is Project: Pass the Pink?

Project: Pass the Pink is Dig Pink's outreach program which allows Dig Pink® teams to dramatically grow their impact by recruiting neighboring teams to host their own Dig Pink campaign at their school in support of The Side-Out Foundation.

Teams that recruit another school to host Dig Pink will be rewarded with Dig Pink prizes!



Any school team hosting a Dig Pink® campaign during the fall season.


Teams recruit one or more volleyball programs in their local area to support The Side-Out Foundation by hosting their own Dig Pink® campaign.

1. Once both school teams are committed to hosting Dig Pink, both teams must start their campaign at Side-Out.org. 

2. Both teams also need to submit the Project: Pass the Pink Team Application.

3. Plan and host your Dig Pink campaign as normal!



Teams (Recruiting team and Recruited team) that raise a minimum of $300 through their campaign will receive official Dig Pink t-shirts of their choice from ShopDigPink.com after both teams have submitted their funds confirming a Dig Pink campaign was hosted.

Teams that successfully recruit two teams to support Dig Pink will also receive 2 Official Dig Pink game balls.

Please note: Teams who would like their Dig Pink shirts before their event are required to hit the $300 fundraising goal at least 2 weeks before their event date.



Grand Prize

Every team that successfully recruits another team to host a Dig Pink campaign of their own will be entered into a drawing for The Side-Out Foundation’s Dig Pink Grand Prize Package. Teams will receive an additional entry for each additional team they recruit (i.e. teams that recruit 2 teams will receive 2 entries).

This package includes Official Dig Pink® Pole Pads, Dig Pink Net Tape,  and two Dig Pink Game Balls for their school’s volleyball program.



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