How To Participate In The Dig-A-Thon?

Thank you for your interest in the Dig Pink Dig-A-Thon and working with the Side-Out Foundation! Below you’ll find the steps on how to participate.

Set a Goal. Pick a location(s)

Counting your digs can be done at any time. Whether it be a full weekend of play at a tournament, at every game for a month, or at a single’s up to you! Just give it your all!

Start Your Campaign

Visit and start your pledge campaign by clicking the sign up button at the top. Once you do so, family, friends, and fans can visit your fundraising page to make their pledges and donations for every dig your team completes.


Show It With Shirts

Every team participating in the Dig Pink Dig-A-Thon is encouraged to visually represent their commitment to our goal by wearing our official Dig-A-Thon tees. Teams who raise $500 or more through their Dig-A-Thon will receive these shirts for free!

Visit this link to request your team's t-shirts in time for your Dig-A-Thon. 


Start Diggin’

Now is the time to bring your team together and do your part. Remember to GIVE YOUR ALL and complete as many digs in your set time frame as possible. Have a coach or a parent volunteer keep track of your digs.


Count, Close Out, and Collect


Once you have completed counting your digs for your set time, record that total and visit your online pledge campaign. The page owner should enter your digs on your Dig-A-Thon campaign as a pledge activity. Read here on how to add activities to your pledge campaign.

Upon your Dig-A-Thon campaign closing, an email will be sent to all those who made a pledge on your page requesting them for their donation.

Rather participate offline? Check out how to do so here: How to Participate Offline


If you have any questions about joining the Dig Pink National Dig-A-Thon, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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