Participate in IGYB - I've Got Your Back

What Is IGYB?

This activity is designed to help players/student-athletes understand the importance of having someone’s back and what it means to be there for someone in challenging times. By creating promises, players and coaches use their own voice to show support for one another and their loved ones.  

Coaching involves more than just the Xs and Os. It’s about developing the whole player. Implementing IGYB into your program teaches valuable life lessons such as:

  • Ownership of your weaknesses, togetherness, selflessness, and accountability
  • Thinking outside of oneself
  • Setting goals and following through on them
  • The importance of caregiving and considering how you can help others
  • Inspiring a movement of support and encouragement

This activity can be another valuable coaching tool in bonding your team, getting them to work harder and holding each player accountable for being there for each other.”

- Rick Dunetz, Executive Director


What To Do


Promote team unity and accountability that will bring your team together.

Team Example

Dear Volleyball Team,

I just wanted to say to you what an honor it is to be a part of this program and working with all of you. You are amazing kids and I care about each and every one of you. I know that in the past I have not done a great job of being there for players after you move on from your freshman season, and it is something I want to change. I promise to you that I will be there for each player in our program. I will try to be on the bench during matches, answer questions, stay after practice and work with you if need be. My goal is to give you everything that I have to insure you have what you need to achieve your goals. I promise to work harder for you.


Coach “D”



Show appreciation for your loved ones and remind them that you care.

Loved One Example


Since I have gotten older you and I have become so close and our relationship means so much to me. I don’t know where I would be without you. You have taught me so many things whether it was helping me with homework, teaching me how to properly eat an oreo cookie, or teaching me to do adult things like file my taxes. Now that I am on my own, I want to be better about appreciating our time together. I don’t get to see you as much now so in the time we do spend together, I shouldn’t be short-tempered or fight with you. I promise to be better about valuing the time we have together and not being grumpy.   




Share your promises with your teammates and loved ones to inspire them to create their own IGYB promise. This can be displayed in a public place, such as printing out everyone's promises and displaying them on a board. You can also compile these in a blog to share online, or read them aloud at your event!



  1. Tell Them You Care
    • Show the person(s) you are promising to that you care about them. Answer this question:
      • What does your relationship with them mean to you and why?
  2. Share Your Weakness(es)
    • Understanding and admitting our flaws is part of building healthy and successful relationships and builds trust between individuals. Answer this question:
      • What aspect of your relationship would you like to change or improve upon?
  3. Caregiver Statement
    • This part of your promise should explain how you plan to confront your weaknesses and have their back. Answer this question:
      • What action will you take to make the changes you mentioned?

Other Tips & Tricks

  • Write your promises as if you were speaking directly to the person you’re promising to
  • Display your team promises at a game or Dig Pink match
  • Frame your promise to a loved one and give it to them as a gift



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