A Pledge to our Donors

  • To publish the foundation’s mission to include how the foundation intends to use donated resources and how it plans to prudently and efficiently distribute its donations for the intended purpose.

  • To publish the identity of those serving on the organization’s governing board and to expect those responsible to exercise good judgment and a high degree of integrity.

  • To provide donors with the ability to determine how donations will be used.

  • To provide donors with prompt, accurate and complete answers to questions they have about the foundation or its representatives.

  • Donors may choose to remain anonymous.  Any request by a donor to be excluded from lists recognizing gifts will be honored.

  • Donors can question any request for a donation until they establish the identity and relationship of the person soliciting a donation to ensure they are with the Side-Out Foundation.

  • Donors will receive acknowledgement of their gifts by e-mail within 30 days or sooner, if specifically requested.
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