What is the Side-Out Protocol?

The Side-Out Protocol is an award winning clinical trial owned, operated, and managed by The Side-Out Foundation, and is entirely sponsored by the volleyball community.  It focuses on finding effective treatment for patients with stage IV breast cancer.  Stage IV is the most advanced form of breast cancer, the least recognized and funded area of breast cancer research, and currently has no cure.

Researchers for the Side-Out Protocol study a patient's tumor tissue using several different tumor analysis techniques to include genomic and proteomic profiling.  This is called a Multi-Omic approach and is the first of its kind in the area of breast cancer research.

This approach allows researchers to identify which drugs work best for each patient's individual cancer as each patient's tumor is different and will thus respond to different drugs.

The goal is to find the best treatment for each patient enrolled in the trial and provide them with more precious time. Scientists and physicians hope that personalized medicine such as the Side-Out Protocol will offer the best possible treatment for each individual patient, and researchers for Side-Out's study hope their work will benefit patients who have few treatment options left.

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