When will I receive my purchase?


With products that we have printed and ready to ship, we can usually mail your package the day of your order and it should get to you within a few business days. 

However, please give yourself at least 10 business days before you need your purchase in hand, just in case we are out of stock and have to print more of a certain product.

With large or specific orders, we may need to print your items which can take up to five business days, so be sure to give us and yourself some time before the event.

When you go onto shopdigpink.com and you are placing your order, you will see "In Hand Date" and "Event Date."

"In Hand Date" is the date that you would like to have your product ready to go before your event. This gives us a deadline of when you want your purchase. We will do our best to have the product to you by then. 

"Event Date" is just as it says, the date you are holding your event. This is the hard deadline for getting the product to you and we will be sure to get you your purchase by the day of your event, assuming you give us enough notice on your order. 

**Please be sure to give yourself at least 3-4 days between your "In Hand" and "Event" dates in case a mistake is made with your order. This will allow us to make any adjustments should this situation occur.


Selecting Shipping Options: Shipping selections are how long your package will take to ship, not when you will receive your item. For instance, if you select "2 Day Shipping," you will receive your order two days after your order is SHIPPED, not 2 days after placing your order.



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