Where Does My Donation Go?

The Side-Out Foundation is highly involved in how our funds are allocated and dedicates the majority of donations to our own stage IV breast cancer research, the Side-Out Protocol. The Side-Out Protocol is an award winning clinical trial owned, operated, and managed by The Side-Out Foundation, and is entirely sponsored by the volleyball community.  It focuses on finding effective treatment for patients with stage IV breast cancer.  Stage IV is the most advanced form of breast cancer, the least recognized and funded area of breast cancer research, and currently has no cure.

In addition to research, Side-Out allocates a portion of funds through both our Ambassador Program and our 25% giveback program. These two programs fund scholarships for college for our Ambassadors and fund organizations that provide emotional, educational and financial support for cancer patients and their families in localities relevant to Dig Pink® participants. 

For more information on how our funds are allocated and other financial information, click here.


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