Are we allowed to use the Dig Pink brand for our event?


Because Dig Pink® is associated specifically with The Side-Out Foundation (and is a registered trademark), we are liable for the manner in which the funds are allocated.  You may use Dig Pink® for your event if you follow the guidelines below:

  • Donate all funds raised through your event to The Side-Out Foundation (you have the option of requesting Side-Out to give 25% of your funds to a local organization; to do so, fill out a grant request form).

  • If you are hosting an educational event without a fundraising element, work with Side-Out to find the best resources to educate your community.

We welcome suggestions for organizations and research you consider valuable, and as mentioned above, we offer the opportunity to donate 25% of the funds you raise to a local support organization. We simply ask that you do not designate your event as a Dig Pink event if you prefer to donate the funds to other entities.


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