What percentage of funds raised goes toward research?

As with any non-profit organization, a percentage of funds must cover administrative costs.  Side-Out works very hard to keep overhead costs as low as possible and to make sure that a minimum of 75% of all of our funds goes toward our programs and research.

The majority of funds for research and patient support is donated to the Side-Out Protocol, and the rest to local cancer support organizations that offer services such as counseling, cancer education classes, exercise classes, etc.

Click here to review The Side-Out Foundation's tax returns (IRS Form 990).  You will notice that funding for the Side-Out Protocol is not allocated on a yearly basis.  This is because the trial does not operate on an annual calendar but rather on the trial calendar which depends on various factors, including patient accrual and lab expenses.  To prepare for upcoming trials (with each new trial requiring more financial support), Side-Out must accrue donations from one year to the next.  

If you have any questions or concerns about Side-Out's management of funds, please contact us.

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