Setting Fundraising Goals


We encourage you to set a realistic and attainable fundraising goal. We understand that sometimes your are under your goal and sometimes you will be over your goal; every amount raised and submitted to The Side-Out Foundation is a welcome contribution.

Here are some great ideas for fundraising that can help you in achieving your goal:

Fundraising Ideas!

Many people are more intimidated by fundraising than they are by their most daunting opponents, but It can actually be quite fun! Below are some tips to give you a head start. Set your goals high, ...


How to Hit your Fundraising Goals Before your Dig Pink® Match!

Fundraising doesn't have to be hard or stressful. Gift basket raffles, selling baked goodies, t-shirt sales, and having serving competitions are all great ways to create a fun and warm environment for the event, but they take lots of effort and time and sometimes they create stress for the coaches and the organizers.


6 Fundraising Tips to Make Your Event Successful

Fundraising for any event can be challenging, and anyone who has tried to raise money for a charity, booster club, or sports team knows that some ways are more successful than others. Putting time and effort into something that does not generate the results you want can lead to disappointment, so here are 6 fundraising tips to try in the future that work when implemented the right way.

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