Making Online & Offline Donations

There are 2 ways you can make a donation with Side-Out.  Online & Offline.  Both are very simple.  Just follow the instructions below.

Online Donations

  1. Every person/organization that signs up to participate in Dig Pink gets a customizable campaign page.  Click the campaign page link.  If you do not have a campaign page you can go straight to the Side-Out Foundation donation page and make your donation there.
  2. If you go to the Side-Out donate page, it is easy to follow. If you go to a campaign page, click the donate button.

  3. After you click the DONATE button a pop donation widget will pop up.  This widget is identical to the one on the Side-Out donate page.  Follow the workflow and you should have no problems.


  4. If you want to make your donation anonymous check the DONATE ANONYMOUSLY check box.


  5. If you would like to make a donation in honor or in memory of a loved one check the GIVE IN HONOR check box.


Offline Donations

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