Where can I find a template pledge letter to send to donors for the Assist Project?

Dig Pink® Tour
The Assist Project Pledge Letter

You may use the letter below to copy and paste or download the file attachment on the right side of this page.


Dear Family and Friends,

This season, my club volleyball team [INSERT TEAM NAME] has decided to take part in a project that gives back to our community. We are participating in The Side-Out Foundation’s 2016 Dig Pink® Tour Assist Project. In volleyball, an assist is awarded to a player who sets up for a hitter, and the hit results in a point!

For this project, our team will be making hospital cards or “assists” to give to cancer patients in our local community and across the state of [INSERT STATE]. We are pledging to make these cards as a team and raise funds together to help reach the national goal of 10,000 assists distributed and $150,000 raised for cutting-edge research for stage 4 (metastatic) breast cancer.

We are asking everyone we know to support us on this mission. Our club team is dedicated to reaching these goals and wants to do its part in contributing to The Assist Project.

You can donate online by going to our campaign page at: [INSERT TEAM LINK] and click on “Make a Donation.” If you would like to write a check you can do so by making it out to The Side-Out Foundation.

Please consider supporting us for the Dig Pink® Tour Assist Project!



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