What rewards can I earn for participating in The Assist Project?

**To be eligible for any awards, funds and cards MUST be turned in before MARCH 14.**

To receive shirts as a reward, your team must raise a minimum of $500 plus $50/per individual over 10, as well as create 1 card per player.

For example, if your team needs 13 shirts (12 players and 1 coach), you must raise at least $650. If your team only has 9 members, you must still meet the $500 minimum.

Teams that participate in The Assist Project will be asked to meet the minimum requirement of 1 card & $50 per player ($500 total minimum) to receive any rewards. If your team meets the requirement, every player will receive the official “Dig Pink® Tour Initiative” t-shirt that your team can wear at regionals to show the amazing task that you all accomplished together!

Should your team raise a large amount,  The Side-Out Foundation will only provide enough t-shirts for players and coaches on each team.  We will require a roster with names and sizes listed when you send your cards & funds in.

**To be eligible for any awards, funds and assists MUST be turned in before MARCH 14.**

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