What are the guidelines when creating cards (assists)?


The Assist Project

Notes from family and friends are always cherished, but there’s something extra special when you get a card from someone you’ve never met.  To make sure your card is appropriate for any patient, follow the guidelines below. Remember, these cards are for patients of all diagnoses of cancer, not just breast cancer.

Card Size: Please keep the size of the card to no more than a typical 8-1/2 x 11 piece of paper folded in half. Basically, no larger than the size of a typical card you would buy at the store. 


Make it cheery!

Use uplifting phrases such as:

  • "Thinking of you"
  • "Sending good wishes your way!"
  • "I hope this card brightens your day!"
  • "Stay Strong"
  • "You are awesome"
  • "Never forget how amazing YOU are"
  • "You inspire me"

Share cute jokes

Tell them about yourself

  • How old are you?
  • Do you have any siblings and/or pets?
  • Where are you from?

Sign the card with your first name and your club name

Northern Virginia Volleyball Association (Most patients won’t know what NVVA 13-1 means).


Don’t write any religious sentiments (the cards will be given to patients of all different faith backgrounds)

Because we don’t know the diagnosis of each patient, don’t use the following phrases:

  • "Feel better soon"
  • "Get well"
  • "You can beat this"

Don’t include envelopes

Don't use holiday references (cards may be delivered later)

Don't include personal information (phone number, address, email address, etc.) 

Don’t use glitter (even though it makes the cards pretty, it can be very messy)

Don’t request funds from the patient


Please keep in mind the sensitivities of making these cards. We do not know exactly what the patient is diagnosed with and are not familiar with their situations. Cards that do not follow these guidelines will not be delivered.

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