How can I participate in the Dig Pink Rally?

Side-Out's Dig Pink® events are supported by middle/high school and college students nationwide.  Although the events began as volleyball specific events, participants do not have to be volleyball players/coaches or even athletes at all!  There are various ways to get involved in the Dig Pink® Rally.  Below are some ideas to get you started:

  • Host an event (Follow these guidelines to get started)!
  • Make a donation.  If you have a team you are supporting, make the donation through their team page; if not, simply make a general donation on the Dig Pink Rally page.  Don't forget to find out if your company makes matching donations!
  • Volunteer your time and/or your services.  Find a Dig Pink event in your area and contact the organizers to see how you can help. 
    • Do you own a business?  Sponsor the overhead for the event so all funds can go toward donations, and/or donate products for a raffle!
    • Are you a breast cancer advocate or health professional?  Offer to set up a table at the event and provide educational resources for attendees.
    • Help secure raffle/auction items if the event plans on having one.
    • Volunteer to post fliers and create posters about the event.

DOWNLOAD THIS FLYER for more information about getting started!

Opportunities for involvement are creative and have fun!

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