Give it Heart

Massapequa High School

These events were founded in honor of the mother of a volleyball coach.  Who will your event honor? The cancer survivors who attend your event?  The school employee who is currently receiving treatment?  Put effort into making the event special for them, and you will preserve the meaning behind Dig Pink.

  • Ace:  Have players pass out flowers to survivors, invite a survivor to do the ceremonial first serve or come up with your own way to recognize cancer survivors.  You may also want to have a moment of silence to remember those you have lost to the disease.
  • Hard Hitting:  Ace “Give it Heart” guidelines plus: Create a “Faces of Breast Cancer” wall. Have players and coaches reach out to the students and staff to add a photo and/or message to a designated wall in the gym or school hallway.

    Make your event even more special by inviting a survivor to give a short speech about her/his experience with breast cancer and/or asking the family member of a loved one who lost her/his battle to share their experience as a caregiver.

  • Perfect Pass:  Hard Hitting “Give it Heart” guidelines plus: Invite survivors to be honorary coaches and give them special seating and recognition.
  • Above the Net:  Perfect Pass “Give it Heart" guidelines plus: Organize a dinner for survivors and their families.
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