Create a Spectacle

From simple pink-outs to school wide extravaganzas, you choose the best way to visually demonstrate your school’s spirit!  Pink has long been used as the awareness color for breast cancer and its role in your event is to represent a united volleyball front.

  • Ace: Encourage players and fans (to include the opposing teams) to BYOP (Bring Your Own Pink) to create a visual spectacle of your crowd of supporters.
  • Hard Hitting:  Ace “Create a Spectacle!” guidelines plus:  Design your own Dig Pink® shirt or buy the official Dig Pink® t-shirts and sell them prior to and at your event to create a visual of unity and support.
  • Perfect Pass:  Hard Hitting “Create a Spectacle!” guidelines plus:  Invite the local girl scouts, middle schools and elementary schools to participate in the event.  Ask school dance/cheer teams to perform, invite the choir to sing the national anthem, organize a game between students and faculty, collect items for a raffle, have the team mascot interact with the get the idea!
  • Above the Net:  Perfect Pass “Create a Spectacle!” guidelines plus: Designate a Dig Pink® week by involving other school teams and clubs! Harnessing this school wide spirit, create a unique way to rally your entire student population and the surrounding community (e.g. dance competition, costume contest, setting a new Guinness World Record (as done at the 2011 Kirkwood Community College Dig Pink® Event)). Contact local TV and radio stations to publicize your efforts.

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