Additional Fundraising Ideas!

The world of COVID-19 is certainly challenging, so we're calling on creativity. We believe there are unique ways to create a Dig Pink experience with your volleyball team, even if a volleyball match is not involved.

By implementing a minimum of one or two elements from each of the Impact Playbook building blocks (Community Connection, Education, Athlete Engagement, and Fundraising) you can build an impactful experience. Remember to follow CDC Guidelines as well as local & state orders when planning your campaign.



Many people are more intimidated by fundraising than they are by their most daunting opponents, but It can actually be quite fun! Below are some tips to give you a head start. Set your goals high, but always take the economic situation of your community into account. A good motto for fundraising is “JUST ASK!”. Many people are willing to support a worthwhile cause. Just think: if you have 36 players in your program and you ask each one to raise $50, you will have $1,800 for the cause!

1. Pre-sell meals that could be picked up from local restaurants and delivered curbside to community members. This would be a way of increasing sales for local restaurants as well as keeping people safe who don’t want to enter into restaurants.

2. Present a talent show and stream it. Ask for donations from those who view the show or have people vote for the winners through monetary donations.

3. Have “I’m a (school mascot) volleyball fan” signs made by the school’s art department and sell them to be displayed in people’s yards.

4. Sell the opportunity to have someone’s yard flocked with pink flamingos (or similar). One person pays/donates money to have their friend, family or neighbors’ yard decked out with the flamingos.

5. Organize an online silent auction.

6. Get pledges for assists, digs, kills, aces or blocks. Distribute the form via email or social media.

7. Have a yard decorating contest with each entry requiring a fee to participate.

8. Yarn bombing

9. Decorate donation buckets to place at various locations during your event and at all fundraising initiatives (here’s a unique idea: cut a volleyball in half, dye it pink and use it as your donation bucket!).

11. Contact corporations to request matching funds. Local businesses and employers are often willing to match proceeds or a percentage thereof.

12. Have a bake sale with pink goodies.

13. Sell pink lemonade or punch.

14. Have a silent/live auction. Contact local businesses/artists for item donations. This will help them advertise their products while benefiting your cause!

15. Organize a raffle.

16. Sell Dig Pink® t-shirts and pink items such as beads, bracelets and hats.

17. Sell tickets in advance at a premium price (offer a door prize).

18. If you are a school team, request that boosters donate a portion of the ticket price to the event.

19. Have a car wash.

20. Sell pink flowers.

21. Hold a volleyball camp.

22. During the event, have a serve-a-thon or skills contest. Ask for pledges for each dig and service ace (see attached pledge sheet template).

23. Start a green initiative with a can and bottle drive.

24. Offer your services for lawn care, babysitting or pet sitting in return for a donation to Side-Out.

25. Talk to a local rink to arrange a roller or ice skating night where a percentage of admission will be donated to Side-Out. Ask everyone to wear pink!

26. Organize community service hours with groups like The Salvation Army, The Humane Society and local hospitals to mention a few. Ask for friends and family to donate to the Side-Out Foundation in exchange for your hours. You help your community in more ways than one!

27. A good raffle idea: Entice volleyball fans with “the best seat in the house”. Find a sofa you can bring to the match. The raffle winner and two friends win the privilege to sit on the couch (make sure they have the best view of the match!). Provide them with pizza and drinks. An alternative to this could be awarding the fan in the best pink outfit the best seat in the house. Pre-match advertising of the couch to the pinkest spectator will encourage a “pink out” at your event!

28. Ask a local restaurant to provide pizzas, subs, etc. at a reduced cost to you, which you can sell for a profit at your event. Offer free advertising of their companies as sponsors.

29. Ask a local restaurant if you can have a fundraising night where they give a portion of their sales to Dig Pink® (Ex. Noodles World Kitchen offers a Give Back Program where they give 25% of net sales!). Make sure you bring your donation bucket and advertise the Give back night around your community!

30. Host dinners or pancake breakfasts at players’ homes. Many Applebee’s locations offer a wonderful fundraising opportunity, the “Flapjack Fundraiser”. You sell tickets for the breakfast, provide volunteers to host and serve the pancakes, and they open early for your fundraiser, keeping a small amount of each ticket. Their kitchen staff takes care of all the cooking! Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect location for a big pancake breakfast so this would be the perfect option! Contact your local Applebee’s for more specific details.

31. Arrange a volleyball match of boys vs. girls or faculty vs. girls. When people make donations, ask them to write down which team they think will win. Announce the votes before the match begins to encourage a friendly rivalry.

32. Contact a professional photographer to offer his services for family photos. Organize a movie night. If you’re a school team, ask if you can view it in one of their auditoriums. Otherwise, have it at someone’s house that can provide ample room. Charge for refreshments or charge nothing and request donations.

33. Have a mustache or goatee growing contest. Encourage coaches, teachers, fathers, brothers, boyfriends, and husbands to get involved, and make sure you give them plenty of time! This is fun. Participants ask for sponsors to support them in their hairy efforts. Encourage donors to give extra funds to the winner of “fullest mustache” or “longest goatee”, to be announced at the Dig Pink® match.

34. Head shaving fundraising, a hair-razing event. Shaving your head is a brave way of showing solidarity with breast cancer patients who lose their own hair. Have donors sponsor participants willing to lose their locks for a good cause. Make it extra fun by doing the shaving in public with team members taking turns snipping away!

35. Jail & Bail. Inspired by the great videos made by UNC Charlotte. “Arrest” important people on campus and ask students and community members to get them out of jail!



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