Donating Dig Pink® Event Funds to Charity's Other than Side-Out

We welcome suggestions for organizations and research you consider valuable, and we offer to donate 25% of the funds you raise to a local support organization, but we ask that you do not designate your event as a Dig Pink® event if you prefer to donate the funds to other entities. 

Dig Pink® is a registered trademark, and Dig Pink® events are specifically associated with The Side-Out Foundation.  The Side-Out Foundation is therefore liable for the manner in which Dig Pink® funds are allocated.  

Each charity organization decides how best to invest the funds it receives from donors, and Side-Out is focused on supporting clinical research, specifically Side-Out's very own stage IV breast cancer research, The Side-Out Protocol. Side-Out also contributes funds to patient support services and education, typically through the 25% program mentioned above.

Click here for more details about how your donations are utilized.

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