What is the Dig Pink Tour?

The Dig Pink® Tour is The Side-Out Foundation’s initiative for the volleyball club season.

As of the 2016 season, the Dig Pink Tour is focused around The Assist Project.

The goal of The Assist Project is for the volleyball community to create and distribute10,000 cards or "assists" to cancer patients nationwide while raising $150,000 for late stage breast cancer research during the club season.   

Along with the Assist Project, we want every team that is participating in a tournament to WEAR PINK on the 2nd day of the tournament!

To participate in The Assist Project, entire clubs as well as individual club teams will create assists that will be donated to cancer patients at hospitals and cancer centers within each region. Teams will also raise money through a pledge system, finding family and friends who will pledge to donate a certain amount based on how many cards the team makes. 

Teams and clubs that meet the minimum requirements can earn rewards!

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