What are the purposes of The Assist Project?

Do something BIGGER than the game.

This project will show other sports what makes the volleyball community special and how the sport is making a difference at the local and national level. By reaching our goal, volleyball can make a statement about what it can do when it joins together as one. 

Raise funds for late stage breast cancer research.

In order for The Side-Out Foundation to continue it’s cutting-edge research into Side-Out's third clinical trial, we need dollars to help keep it going. It is going to cost $30,000 per patient to continue research, and we need your help to make it happen!

Create a form of solidarity across the sport of volleyball.

Every team that meets the requirements will receive official “Dig Pink® Tour” t-shirts that they show off at their regional tournament to demonstrate what they have accomplished! This project creates a connection between volleyball clubs and local communities, while also having a link to breast cancer research.

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