What are some "Card Making Activities" I can do with my team?

Finding a good time and activity to make cards with your club team can be difficult. Here are some great suggestions on how and where you can meet up with all of your teammates and accomplish your set goal together! Make sure that your team follows the "Card Guidelines" so that your assists will be accepted.

This project will only take one afternoon. You can get everyone together, have the supplies and make the cards, and have a computer ready that your team can use to send your team's campaign page to everyone you know to raise dollars quickly. It's that simple!

Club Sleepover!

Meet up with all you club team mates and really bond over making a card that is so special it will brighten up a patient's day!

Panera Meet-Up!

Schedule a time and date where all the players on your team can meet up! Grab a couple tables and a few snacks and get to crafting! Snacking and crafting go so well together!

End of Practice!

Depending on your practice schedule, your coach could allow 15-20 mins at the end of your practice to get started on your cards.  Gather around on your court and start your card together!  Maybe the other teams in your club will want to join in!

Tournament Crafting!

Bring your card making supplies to one of your tournaments, and meet in a teammates hotel room!  Everyone can meet up, make some cards, and talk about the success of the tournament while accomplishing a goal that will truly impact your community!

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